Monday, 13 August 2007

Police must take some blame, says dead boy's sister

Ok, the kid was being chased by the police, crashed the car and killed himself. The sister says the police must take some blame and change the way they conduct these chases. I say that if the kid hadn't decided to do a runner he would still be alive albeit with a heavy fine. He ran because he just had a fine for a similar offence and didn't want another fine.

So what does the sister want? Police to stop apprehending people breaking the law? I think that is the logical conclusion of her position.

Isn't it time that people started taking a little responsibility for themselves? If the police try to pull you over and you drive away they will chase you. It's their job. If you don't want a hefty fine when driving and on a learner's permit then don't break the law.

Link to story: Police must take some blame says dead boy's sister