Monday, 13 August 2007

Union wants dialogue on state of journalism

New Zealand's media union thinks media owners are using celebrity to sell papers etc. instead of using quality journalism. I have been complaining about this for a couple of decades. Back in the eighties or early nineties I recall the totally inconsequential Diana Spencer being on the front page of a newspaper because of a controversy about whether she had "orange peel thighs". On the same page was a large photo of Pavarotti and his girlfriend. The reason? Because he was considering visiting New Zealand about a year after the actual date of the paper! Incredible! These two stories and their pictures took up around half of the front page of the paper. That must have been close to two decades ago.

Why has the NZ media union only now decided that there could be a problem with celebrity news?

Link to story: Union wants dialogue on state of journalism


Lita said...

They dumb it down and we dumb on down with them. I love me some juicy celebrity goss, but not on the news, or the front pages of le paper. Why does Nicole Ritchie's pregnancy or Nicole Kidman's husband's addictions make anything more than E! channel or blogs and magazines?