Sunday, 24 August 2008

Barbecued Leg Of Lamb

We had an excellent leg of lamb last night. To prepare it I chopped together a couple of handfuls of italian flat leaf parsley with half a dozen garlic cloves until it was all finely chopped. I then mixed this with a little olive oil and a couple of teaspoons of manuka smoked flaky sea salt (from Prenzel) and freshly ground black pepper. I cut some deep slits in the lamb and filled them with the paste and rubbed the remainder all over the leg (after puncturing the skin with the tip of a sharp knife). This was left to sit for 3+ hours.

I cooked it in a hooded barbecue on the barred grill with indirect heat. The temperature was about 150 degrees. After putting the leg on the barbecue I took the remains of the garlic/parsley paste and mixed it with a little red vincon (also from Prenzel) and used this to baste the lamb every now and again.

It took about 1.75 hours to cook and another 20 minutes standing before carving. Very flavoursome and tender lamb.

My brother, Spike, introduced me to Prenzel when telling me how he prepared a thick venison steak from a recent hunting trip to the South Island of New Zealand.