Sunday, 21 December 2008

Things that piss me off

One thing that pisses me off is retailers who advertise something on special in store and who do not have the item in stock. This behaviour is basically a bait and switch scheme and doing it violates the Fair Trading Act. It happened to me twice today.

Camille and I were out looking for a 7" digital photo frame. Both these stores had signs in their shops advertising them on special at $99.00. On asking for one both shops said they didn't have any in stock. We walked out of both without purchasing anything. In the second shop I was pissed off enough to rip the advertising off the display stand and hand it to the shop assistant telling him to stop advertising items they don't have in stock.

The stores were Harvey Normans Hastings and Dick Smith Electronics, also in Hastings.


Phosphor said...

From the "Out-of-the-blue-comment-by-a-fellow-J-Walk-Blog-visitor" dept.:

Could be the photo frames were 'removed from service" because it was discovered that they harbored a trojan? The local grocery chain had to pull a big display of them, for this very reason, after they'd advertised the crap out of them.

Just a thought. (But yeah, I get pissed off about shit like that, too)

Thrash Cardiom said...

Yes that could have been a possibility except that they had the same model photo frame in the stores a few days later.