Saturday, 22 August 2009

An Annoyance

Camille and I are in Welllington today, having driven down yesterday. One that that annoyed us intensely about the drive is something that a lot of New Zealand drivers are guilty of. I refer to the practice of cruising along at 90km/hr until you get to a passing lane at which point the driver slams his or her foot down on the accellerator and hammers along the passing lane at 110km/hr or faster thereby preventing anyone behind from being able to pass. Once they reach the end of the passing lane they ease their foot of the accellerator and slow down to 90 again.

We encounter this sort of behaviour all over the country and it's time it was stamped out. I propose that if you end up behind someone who does this you should sit behind them with your hand firmly on your car horn button and just keep it on until they pull over.