Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I'm annoyed

  1. By the cat that has crapped in my office even though doors and windows outside were wide open and its supposed to be housetraind - at a decade+ in age  it bloody well should be.
  2. By my property flooding whenever it rains.  The cause is likely to be a blocked stormwater drain - at least that's what I'm hoping.  The water backs up and floods the street, flows into my property and floods it out. 
  3. Other things but everything is pretty unimportant really, including the above.

edit: April 2010:  I did a bit of bitching to the local council about  my property flooding and they inspected the stormwater drains around our property.  Apparently they were almost completely blocked so they had them cleaned out.  Down stream from our property they were completely choked with invasive roots.  Through our property and a bit upstream from it, they were full of gravel.  In fact, they removed 11 tons of gravel from that stretch.  I don't think our property is going to get flooded out anymore.  A good thing too as we have at least 6 trees that couldn't cope with the excess water and which have died as a result of it.