Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A Plague of Beetles

About eight years ago on a warm, still night after a hot day we were visited with a plague of beetles.  We heard a strange tapping noise coming from the kitchen and on entering it found thousands of small, black flying beetles crawling under the door and then flying like lunatics up to the light and then falling back to the floor. Watching them come under the door was like watching something out of a horror film.  Un-ending waves of them came crawling in.   We turned the outside lights on and all the inside light off and then had to literally sweep them out of the house.

It's 11pm on another warm, still night after a hot day and we  have another visitation.  We have all the windows open in an effort to get some breeze through the bedroom.  I'm lying here in the dark now and I can hear them tapping as they fall onto the roof outside the windows. 

I'm just having a gtalk with a friend who is about 20km away.  He says they are Australian and they have been carried over with the latest weather high from Australia.  We're just going to have to ride out this Oz invasion.