Friday, 19 February 2010

Arrgghhh! Internet!!!! Arrgghhh!

I'm in Auckland at the moment and I am feeling particularly savage.  The reason?  Camille and I declined Internet access at the place we are staying as we have mobile internet connections via Telecom.  These have been fairly usable in the past.

At the moment though I have been experiencing ping times in excess of 18,000 milliseconds.  EIGHTEEN THOUSAND MILLISECONDS.  I find a ping time of a just a couple of thousand milliseconds unusably slow!

Buck up your ideas, Telecom.  I'm getting mightily pissed off with the crap service I have been receiving from you of late.  here is an equation for you:Crap XT phone service + with crap mobile internet service = customer looking around for other service providers for 3 x mobile phones, 2 x mobile internet connections, 3 x landlines and any other services we get from you.  In addtion it also means that said customer will vent quite freely about Telecom's crap service to anybody who will listen  - and I suspect that there are quite a few of them around the place at the moment - and also possibly advise clients to think twice about using Telecom's service.

An ending.  Just did another quick ping test and it was bouncing from > 13,000 ms to over 20,000 ms.  This is clearly fucking ridiculous. Click on the image to see the stupid ping times.