Saturday, 20 February 2010

Staying in Auckland

You may have guessed that currently Camille and I are in Auckland.  The lease on my car is due to expire in a couple of months and we have decided to buy a replacement.  As the lease company is moving out of leasing cars they agreed that I could return the car early with no penalty so we have come to Auckland to return the car and get a new one.

We are staying in a two bedroom apartment on Prince's Wharf.  It's a good place. Fully kitted kitchen, large living area with reasonably comfortable furnishings, large bedroom with a good bed, very big walk in wardrobe - way larger than our walk in at home - and a good bathroom.   There is a balcony which stretches the full length of the apartment and it is a very nice place to sit in the mornings.  I am there now. We are on the 3rd level close to the sea end of the wharf which means that we are well away from the bars and noise at night.  However, as we have chosen to sleep with both the balcony doors wide open the sound does seep in.

The shower is excellent. None of this silly, low pressure shower head stuff. This is a full on blasting shower head accompanied by very strong water pressure. The pressure is so good you can stand under the shower and receive a scalp massage. Have to turn the pressure down for the rest of the body though. The water jets are so powerful that they actually hurt the more sensitive body bits.

This is the view from the balcony (taken around 10:30pm).   I

There is a boat parked next to us.  Whoever owns it must be fairly wealthy.  The curved bank of windows on the 2nd level of it is the owner's bedroom.   The boat is deceptively large.  I think the bedroom is larger than the kitchen/living area of this apartment.  Behind the bedroom is the the helipad.    As nice as this boat is, it isn't the one Camile and I think we should own.  There are some far larger and more luxurious boats parked around the place.

Shot of the cabbage trees at one end of the balcony silhouttted by Auckland lights.