Sunday, 21 February 2010

Yet another elevator event

So there we were in the elevator.  I swiped my card and the machine bleeped.  The doors closed.  Camille started tapping her feet.  "Stop that", I said.  "You might make the lift stop working", and I pressed the ground floor button.   Nothing happened.  We looked at each other.  I re-swiped my card.  Again it beeped and  I hit the G button.


I hit a series of buttons to no effect.  Finally I hit the open door button.  We waited and slowly the door opened and we exited hurriedly and went back to the apartment to pick up Camille's key card and our mobiles - just in case.

Then we tried the other lift which fortunately decided to work.

What is it about us that makes key cards, lifts, doors etc. fail for us when we are staying in hotels and apartments?  It's all very odd.