Thursday, 13 May 2010

In Auckland Again

Camille and I are in Auckland again to meet with a few potential clients.  We are staying in a hotel in Mt Wellington.  It's a bit strange.   When we arrived nobody greeted us.  No staff offered to help with our bags and so I was left to load them onto a trolley myself while Camille registered.  Then she shot off to park the car while I waited in the lobby for her along with the fully laden trolley.  When she arrived back I ended up pushing the trolley to the lift and so up to our room (after having the lift door close suddenly while the trolley was half in it).

The room was... not up to scratch.  It reeked of fresh paint, not because it had been painted but because all along the corridor were rooms in the middle of refurbishment.  The corridor had been carpeted with plastic to protect the actual carpet.  The noise of saws etc. was quite audible as were the voices of the staff working on the rooms.

Not good  - so a phone call was made and a complaint laid.  We have now been moved to a much better room with its own wee balcony and a lovely view of one of Auckland's lagoon which you can see below with my not quite matched up stitch job.

Now we wait for our first meeting which is shortly after 5:00pm today. Ho hum.