Monday, 5 July 2010

Low prices? Don't count on it, say publishers

This NZ Herald article talks about the pricing of E-books and basically says that we are going to pay through the nose for them.

I have great difficulty in believing that costs of a book are not substantially reduced once the physical copy of the book is discarded with and there is no way I will accept paying a price that is only 20% less than the lowest print price.

I can import actual books into New Zealand from Britain for around the same cost as the e-book version is being sold for inside New Zealand.

So far I haven't found any real advantage to reading books through various electronic items (desktop, laptop, netbook, phone).  I don't see a dedicated reader as being  a good thing to have.   Given this, there is no way I am going to pay over $10.00 NZ for an electronic copy of a book.  In fact, unless it is something I really, really want then I am unlikely to spend more than about $5.00 on an e-book.