Friday, 20 August 2010

Auckland (again)

The other night I had the pleasure in watching Camille eat.  I got to sit opposite her as she lovingly rubbed a rosemary sprig over her french lamb rack and then sliced into it exposing the perfectly cooked interior.  I sat there as the beautiful aroma from her plate wafted over to my side of the table, as she slowly worked her way through her meal.  I sat there getting more and more hungry.

Normally I would be sitting opposite her chowing down myself on some plate of bloody chunks of meat accompanied by a small amount of vegetable matter but this time I had sent my meal back as my medium rare fillet was on the wrong side of medium.  The downside of returning a meal is that one gets to sit around waiting for a fresh meal to be prepared and it generally takes about as long as the first wait for the main.  The restaurant did offer me a side of garlic bread while I waited but this offer was made about 15 minutes after I had sent my main back and shortly before my replacement meal arrived.   I turned down the side though did say I appreciated the offer.

Eventually my medium rare fillet of beef arrived and I looked at it dubiously.  I then sliced into it only to fnd that it was still overdone for my liking.  However, Camille had finished her meal and I was hungry so I ate it.   Well... I ate part of it and gave up on the rest.

We were staying at the Waipuna Hotel again.  It isn't the best hotel we have stayed in but it is in a fairly good location for our business in Auckland, has comfortable rooms - as long as you have a suite - and  usually the food is acceptable.    The previous night we had dined in our room and had shared a caesar salad which was very good.

Our suite was good.  Very spacious with a small kitchenette and separate bedroom with a bathroom off it. 

From the bedroom we could step outside onto a balcony.  That's about all we could do  as the balcony was only 40 odd centimetres deep.  Anyone with a largish stomach would have some difficulty getting between the balustrade and window.  Although I have put on weight in recent times I haven't put on so much that I had trouble using the balcony.

The view was a nice mix of sea lagoon and technology in the form of a number of large power pylons and overhead cables.