Sunday, 22 August 2010

Website update

I have just finished updating my website.   The major change is that I have used the Silverstripe CMS (SS) as the backend.  This means that I am far more likely to complete the content of the site and also update it from time to time as SS makes the management of it so much easier.  I have been working on massaging it into SS for about a month.  It was mainly done as a way of getting to know SS better.

I still have work to do on it as the content is lacking in places.  The section on Wine and Food ends very abruptly.  There are only three pages about me and as the site is mainly an egotistical exercise I think there should be more of them.  Currently the page which should contain links to other sites is completely empty.  The section on Oruawharo Homestead only has content on one page and all the rest are empty.

But this is all an improvement on what it was a few minutes ago.  I'll probably spend some time today working on fleshing some of the empty bits out.

But then again I may not