Friday, 3 September 2010

Food, Warmth and Shelter

These three things are basic to mans' survival.  If any one is missing for any extended period of time, then that's it.  You're dead.  Pretty serious stuff really - and now I'm going to completely trivialise it.  Last night Camille and I were reduced to turning all the lights on in the place we are staying in order to bring it up to a reasonable temperature as the 9 bar oil heater in the downstairs area is too inadequate to do the job.

We are staying in what is supposed to be 5 star accommodation.  It is a nice example of the "tick box" rating system. 
  • Large LCD / Plasma screen?    tick
  • Heated towel rails?  tick
  • Controlled lighting?  tick
  • etc.
Get enough of the right ticks and you earn the 5 stars.   Unfortunately I don't believe they rate some of the things that are fairly important to Camille and I
  • Adequate soundproofing so we can't hear people traipsing up and down outside
  • Good climate control
  • Beds that don't 'dip' in the middle so I'm not lying downhill when ever I lie on my left hand side.
  • and so on.
We are in the Boulcott Suites, an apartment hotel which is apparently great for corporate travellers looking for quality and space.  We are in a two bedroom "Townhouse" and yes, there is plenty of space.  It's clean and reasonably comfortable except for that heating thing.  It's not a particularly cold day and yet the heater can't really cope.  Most of the overhead lights are halogens and as they produce a fair amount of heat Camille had the bright idea of turning them all on to warm the place up.  This was very effective and possibly a better option than turning all the elements on the hob and oven on as we could feel the warmth radiating down on us.

We are in Wellington on a flying trip.  Camille has a meeting here this morning and then I'm dropping her at the airport so she can fly to Christchurch where she has another in the afternoon.  I get to drive home.  Joy!