Friday, 15 October 2010

Lifts and Stairs

There are only two working lifts in this hotel.  The other(s) are out of action.   This makes for a lot of waiting around for a lift to arrive and, occasionally, when travelling down you can find yourself unexpectedly heading back up again.

I had to get something from our room earlier and waited and waited and waited for a lift but decided in the end that it would be quicker and easier to use the stairs.   This proved not to be the case.  On entering the stairwell I discovered, much to my surprise, that I could only travel downwards.  The up door was locked and the door I had just came through turned out to be a one way door only.  So down I went and found myself in a strange part of the building with no way to get back to the hotel area.  In fact, I had to exit the building, walk down the street, around the corner and back in via the main entrance.

This is obviously a security precaution to prevent stair-dancers but it is bloody inconvenient when the lifts aren't all functioning as they should.