Thursday, 7 October 2010

Microsoft patches and IE8

I have been providing some of my users with new computers recently.  Yesterday I belatedly realised that they had all gone out with Internet Explorer (IE) version 7 installed instead if IE8.  This is because of Microsoft's automated patch software, WSUS,  happily applied XP SP3 before doing the upgrade to IE8.

When I tried to manually install IE8 I was informed that I had to install another patch first.  However, I couldn't install the patch as the install process informed me that there was no need to install it as SP3 was installed.  The only solution I can find is to

  1. Uninstall XP SP3.
  2. Install the patch manually.
  3. Run the IE8 upgrade manually.
  4. Re-install XP SP3.
  5. Re-install any other required patches.
  6. Check that everything is working as it should.
How absolutely bloody painful this is going to be.