Friday, 15 October 2010


There are few things more ineffectual in life than cleaning one's teeth manually with an electric toothbrush.  Somewhere between home and the hotel it had somehow managed to turn itself on and drain the battery.  Let's hope that this is not an indication of how the day is going to be.

When we arrived here yesterday I had to shoot off to see some people while Camille booked in.  Apparently our room wasn't ready and they were to call her when it was.  Unfortunately nobody informed me of this and when I arrived back at the hotel some hours later and headed to reception to pick up my keycard I succeeded in changing our room from a superior suite to a standard suite at an extra cost of $100 per day.  Don't ask me how I did this but I will say I won't be taking advice on hotels from Camille's brother any time soon.

I went up to the room that had been assigned to me and lay around in it thinking, "Well this is a pretty crap upgrade" until Camille arrived back to sort everything out. I don't know where I would be with out her. However, I am  with her and we are in the room we should be in.   Relief all round.