Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Yesterday morning I was awoken by an odd sounding bird.  It had what could only be described as a very frog like sound.  It went on for hours. 

Eventually Camille and I arose and did our usual morning things before going for a wander around our property.  To our surprise we found the below swimming around in our swimming pool which I had heavily chlorinated the previous day.  It's body is about 6 centimetres in length  - is this a good size for a New Zealand frog? 

We pulled it out of the pool and gave it it's own unchlorinated rainwater pool with a rock to sit on a good thirty feet away from the pool behind a wall.  About half an hour later it was back in the pool.  All that chlorine can't be good for it but it seemed to be fairly happy  - and quite vocal about it too.

Maybe I let the pool get away on us a bit over winter.


ameliadec said...

Welcome to the world of frogs. You love them and can hate them especially when they are calling at 2am 1 metre from your bedroom window. Never thought about that when we made a 10 metre pond out in the garden. I have also spent countless night time hours spotting excess frogs with a torch catching them and releasing them into our dam further away. Lots of frogs equates to lots of noise