Saturday, 16 July 2011

Harrington's Black Pudding II

I received another order of Harrington's black pudding on Friday afternoon.  It would appear that Harrington's are inconsistent with their black pudding recipe. The puddings in this order are firmer than the last one and the flavour is not as spicy.  They are still very edible but I definitely prefer the flavour of the last lot.

Cooking is a little different.  Because of the firmer texture, grilling rounds on top of mushrooms was not as successful.  The rounds began to dry out before the mushrooms were done.  I think this will be fixed by being a little less gluttonous and slicing the rounds a bit thinner.  They were quite thick and possibly served to insulate the mushroom from the heat.

This batch can also be fried though they still stick a bit.  However, they can be removed from the base of the pan in one piece.